US-ASEAN Business Council praises Indonesia’s COVID-19 handling


JAKARTA, INDONESIANPOST.COM – The US-ASEAN Business Council delegation praised President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi’s) successful handling of the COVID-19 pandemic at a meeting at the State Palace in Jakarta on Wednesday.

“In general, they expressed their gratitude for Mr. President Jokowi’s leadership in handling the COVID-19 pandemic,”  Minister of Investment and head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Bahlil Lahadalia, who accompanied the President at the meeting, said.   

The delegation also thanked the Indonesian Government for supporting the ease of doing business, which allowed them to continue to run their businesses despite the global uncertainty due to the pandemic, the minister said in a written statement released by the State Palace.

“This is evident from our economy, which grew 5.4 percent, and inflation, which was below five percent (year-on-year in July 2022). In general, they lauded Mr. President’s leadership although the global economic condition is not too good,” he added.

During the meeting, President Jokowi invited the delegates to invest in green energy and industry projects that have become the focus of the Indonesian government’s attention. In addition, he urged them to invest in other sectors, including health and digital sectors, he informed.

Lahadalia said the meeting also discussed the proactive steps that will be taken by the government in the event of technical problems in the field.

Jokowi told the delegation that the Indonesian Government will take comprehensive steps to maintain better investment conditions in the country.

He also lauded US investment in Indonesia, which has continued to increase.

“As per our data, (the US) is ranked fourth after China (in terms of investment in Indonesia),” he noted. 


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