President declares end of COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia


Jakarta, – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Wednesday officially declared the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, marking the start of the endemic stage.

“After more than three years we fight the COVID-19 pandemic together, today, Wednesday, June 21, 2023, the government decides to revoke the pandemic status,” Widodo said in his remarks to the press at Merdeka Palace here.

“We are now entering the endemic stage,” he announced.

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The government’s decision to declare the end of the pandemic is based on the fact that currently, the number of COVID-19 daily cases in Indonesia is close to zero, he said.

Serosurvey reports have shown that 99 percent of the Indonesian population already has COVID-19 antibodies, he added.

The World Health Organization also declared the end of the COVID-19 global health emergency on May 5, 2023, he noted.

Though the pandemic has been declared over, Widodo asked residents to remain cautious and continue to follow a clean and healthy lifestyle.

“Surely, with this decision, the national economic development will be better, and the people’s economy and social lives will improve,” he said.

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The President had, since last week, indicated that Indonesia is ready to enter the endemic stage of COVID-19 following a nationwide decline in the number of daily cases and high vaccination coverage.

After opening the 2023 National Working Meeting on Government Internal Supervision here on June 14, the head of state confirmed that the government was finalizing arrangements for the transition from the pandemic to the endemic phase.

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Cultural Affairs Muhadjir Effendy also informed that after the official transition to the endemic stage, the national COVID-19 Handling Task Force would automatically stand disbanded.

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