Search for missing Hajj pilgrim expanded to Medina: PPIH


Medina, Saudi Arabia, – The Indonesian Hajj pilgrimage organizing committee (PPIH) has said that the search for Idun Rohim Zen, an 87-year-old Hajj pilgrim who went missing in Arafat, Mecca, has been expanded to Medina.

“The search for the Hajj pilgrim, who was a part of the Palembang Embarkation Cluster 20, has been expanded to Medina,” the head of the PPIH – Medina Working Area, Zaenal Muttaqin, informed here on Wednesday.

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He said the search for Zen is still on.

“The Hajj Pilgrims Protection Officers in Medina are also continuing to search for him,” he added.

Based on the information received, Zen went missing while his group was in Arafat.

Muttaqin expressed the hope that Zen will be found soon.

“Hopefully, Mr. Zen can be found soon. In total, there are three people missing, but (the bodies of) two people have been found,” he said.

He emphasized that even though the Hajj implementation has been completed, the search for Zen will continue indefinitely.

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According to him, the Indonesian Consulate General in Saudi Arabia (KJRI) will help in the search process.

“The KJRI’s Hajj Affairs Office (KUH) will help with the search. The search is being carried out by relevant parties mandated by the state to protect Indonesian citizens in Saudi Arabia. There is no time limit,” he said.

He explained that his side visited some hospitals and morgues to determine Zen’s whereabouts.

He added that he will reach out to Zen’s family in case there is an update from the Saudi Arabian government regarding his whereabouts.

“Our consulate is in contact with the government of Saudi Arabia to find a body or person who does match the identities (of missing persons). We build network aside from sharing their pictures or videos,” he said.

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