Bali discusses 2045 emissions target with international organizations


Denpasar, – The Bali provincial government has discussed its 2045 net-zero emissions target with several international organizations, such as Bloomberg Philanthropies, Climate Works Foundation, Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR), New Energy Nexus Indonesia, ViriyaENB, and WRI Indonesia.

Head of the Bali Provincial Transportation Office Samsi Gunarta said here on Friday that during a meeting with the international organizations, his office and the provincial Manpower and Energy and Mineral Resources Office presented the progress that has been made toward achieving the 2045 net-zero emissions target.

“They (international organizations) want to see how far our progress is in achieving net-zero emissions by 2045,” he informed.

Gunarta said that the Bali Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) presented its low-carbon development efforts during the meeting.

“There are two sectors that are very influential, which are transformation and energy,” he expounded.

Meanwhile, his office explained the regional action plan on battery-based electric vehicles, which has been intensified.

To date, the island has registered 3 thousand electric vehicles, which means that the government has passed the pessimistic target and is currently pursuing the moderate target.

“To achieve the moderate target requires a lot of effort and frankly, these efforts need to be strengthened, especially in terms of infrastructure,” he stated.

According to him, those efforts include the development of low-emission zones, street parking lots, area traffic management, and pedestrian-oriented design.

For representatives from Bloomberg Philanthropies, Gunarta presented the Besakih Temple, an area that has successfully implemented electric vehicle development.

He said that he expects the electric vehicle ecosystem to be realized in other locations.

Head of the provincial Manpower and Energy and Mineral Resources Office, Ida Bagus Setiawan, also outlined the progress in clean energy development in Bali.

“The government’s strategy is to prepare scenarios through Bali’s Road Map towards Net Zero Emissions. Earlier, it was explained that Nusa Penida is a pilot for clean energy utilization, if Nusa Penida can do it, so can mainland Bali,” Setiawan said.

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