Nomination for 2025 King Faisal Prize opens


Riyadh, – The General Secretariat of King Faisal Prize announced today, 1 September 2023, that it welcomes nominations to the 2025 award in its five categories (Service to Islam, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Literature, Medicine, and Science).

Secretary General of the King Faisal Prize Dr. Abdulaziz Alsebail pointed out that this marks a pinnacle in the prize’s long history of 47 years in recognizing and honoring prominent individuals and entities who have enriched humanity with their works. Dr. Alsebail added, the subjects for the prize’s categories for the year 2025 as follows:

  • Islamic Studies: “Studies of Archaeology in the Arabian Peninsula”
  • Arabic Language and Literature: “Studies of Identity in Arabic Literature”
  • Medicine: “Cellular Therapy”
  • Science: “Physics”

The Service to Islam prize is an honorary award bestowed on those whose goodwill-feats immensely served Islam, Muslims, and humanity as a whole.

Nominations for the prize continue over a 7-month period commencing 1 September and ending 31 March 2024 and are accepted from academic and scientific institutions as well as research centers. Nominations can be submitted via postal mail, e-mail: [email protected], or the prize’s nomination portal:

Further details relevant to the King Faisal Prize and its governing statutes can be found at:

Since 1979, more than 290 scientists and scholars from 45 countries have been awarded the King Faisal Prize. Many of those winners went on to receive other global prestigious awards.

Each winner of the five categories of the prize will be awarded a patent written in Arabic calligraphy on luxury paper, a 24-carat gold medal weighing 200 grams, and 200,000 US dollars.

From Indonesia, the award related to Serving Islam was designated to:

  1. Professor Irwandi Jaswir was given the King Faisal Prize in 2018.
  2. Dr.Mohammed Natsir was given the King Faisal Prize in 1980.

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