Ministry sets budget for strengthening illegal fishing surveillance


Jakarta, – The Marine and Fisheries Ministry has allocated a budget of Rp1.14 trillion (US$73.4 million) to strengthen surveillance of illegal fishing in border areas.

“It (the move) is aimed at eradicating illegal fishing by foreign vessels in the Malacca Straits, North Natuna Sea, and Sulawesi Sea,” the ministry’s director general of marine resources and fisheries surveillance (PSDKP), Adin Nurawaluddin, said here on Monday.

In addition to illegal fishing, he said, the ministry is monitoring local fishing ships’ adherence to the requirement of submitting catch reports to ensure sustainable fisheries management.

“They have to report their catch in order to record the post-production data on catch fishery potential to maintain its sustainability,” he informed.

The ministry has also allocated budgets for the surveillance of coastal and small islands, the use of sea space and illegal reclamation, and destructive fishing.

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It is conducting surveillance of undersea cable communication systems, submerged ship cargo, and sea pollution, Nurawaluddin informed.

The ministry has been allotted Rp7.04 trillion from the 2024 budget and an additional budget of Rp57.1 billion.

Of the total budget, Rp659.66 billion will be allocated for the ministry’s Secretariat General, Rp87.25 billion for the Inspectorate General, and Rp946.54 billion for the Directorate General of Catch Fishing.

The Fish Farming Directorate General will receive Rp1.22 trillion, the Directorate General of Marine Resources and Fisheries Surveillance Rp1.14 trillion, and the Directorate General of Marine Resources and Fisheries Products Competitiveness Rp386.88 billion.

At least Rp657.63 billion will be allocated for the Directorate General of Marine Spatial Management, Rp1.47 trillion for the Marine and Fisheries Human Resources Development Agency, and Rp529.61 billion for the Marine and Fisheries Products’ Quality Control Agency.

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