Armed Criminal Group (KKB) personnel operating in Papua

The victim who died as a result of the KKB attack is named Tarina Murib.


Jayapura, – The Armed Criminal Group (KKB) reportedly shot civilians, causing one person to die and six others to be injured in the Meagabume District, Puncak Regency, Central Papua Province.

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Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri in Jayapura, Friday evening, explained that the victim who died was named Tarina Murib. According to the police chief, Tarina’s body is still in Pamebut Village, Meagabume District.

Meanwhile, the six wounded victims are Nerice Telenggen, Rasna Kogoya, Desina Along, Etera Kulua, Anison Tabuni, and Iwan Murib.

The six gunshot victims have been taken to the Sinak Community Health Center for treatment. “The cause of the shooting of the seven civilians has not been confirmed yet,” said Inspector General Fakhiri.

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According to the police chief, his members will ask for statements from the victims regarding the shooting. He said that personnel at the Sinak Police Station have been asked to be on alert to anticipate attacks carried out by the KKB.

Source Republika
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