Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims at Risk of Getting Lost After Stoning the Jamarat


Jakarta, – The Organizing Committee for Hajj Affairs (PPIH) of Saudi Arabia’s Madinah Working Area (Daker) will be stationed at service points in Mina. The officials are reminded of their responsibilities during the peak of the Hajj pilgrimage.

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“We are the leading sector in Mina. On the day after Arafah, during the stoning of Jamratul Aqabah, around 80 percent of the pilgrims get lost or cannot return to their tents. It is our duty here to guide them back to their tents,” said Adi Wicaksono, Head of the Pilgrim Protection Section of Daker Madinah, on Sunday (June 18, 2023).

Adi urged the Daker Madinah officials to review the map of Indonesian pilgrims’ tents in Mina. This way, when handling lost pilgrims, the officials can promptly escort them to their designated tents for accommodation.

Adi emphasized that prior to the peak of the Hajj pilgrimage, the Daker Madinah officials should not remain idle in Makkah. They are assigned to serve the pilgrims in Makkah as well.

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“I remind you that our duty in Makkah is the same – to guide, serve, and protect, not for recreation or observing our colleagues in Makkah carrying out their duties. We must fulfill our duties in Makkah,” Adi said.

Therefore, the Daker Madinah officials must also familiarize themselves with the layout of Masjidil Haram and the pilgrims’ accommodations in Makkah.

Source Republika
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