Palestine urges international community to stop Israeli aggression


Jakarta, – Palestine has urged the international community to intervene and stop Israeli occupation and aggression, provide international protection to the Palestinian people, and end Israel’s barbarous campaign of death and destruction.

The Palestinian embassy in Jakarta on Monday said the international community must act on their collective political, legal, humanitarian, and moral responsibilities to end the prolonged injustice.

“It (the government) has a responsibility to promote accountability, which is the only viable remedy for this illegal, abhorrent situation,” the embassy said in a statement.

“The international impunity Israel enjoys is a moral, political, and legal stain (and) affront to humanity and basic decency as well as the principles of international law,” it added.

The embassy said the ongoing aggression happened because the world failed to do what was needed and restore the rights of the Palestinian people. Israel, as an occupying power, is fully responsible for this situation because it has insisted on keeping the Palestinian people captive and stripped them of their rights for over half a century, it said.

According to the statement, Israel has illegally resorted to force and the threat of force, confiscation of land, persecution, collective punishment, and reprisals to deny the Palestinian people their fundamental rights and serve the common aim of “displacing and replacing” the Palestinian people.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine escalated after Hamas that runs the Gaza Strip launched an unprecedented surprise attack on Israel early on Saturday morning (local time). At least five thousand rockets were launched by the Palestinian liberation fighters from Gaza into Israel. Prior to the Palestinian liberation fighters’ assaults, Israel continued its closure of Gaza crossings.

The WAFA news agency reported on September 25 that the Israeli closure of the Gaza crossings had worsened the living conditions of Palestinians in Gaza. According to WAFA News Agency, the Palestinians had already suffered from the severe impacts of “more than 17 years of tight Israeli land, sea, and air blockades.” In response to the surprise assault, Israel declared war on Hamas and launched air strikes on the Gaza Strip, targeting residential buildings, hospitals, and civilian populations in Gaza and elsewhere in Palestine.

Hospitals in the Gaza Strip informed on Monday afternoon (local time) that the number of Palestinians killed as of the third day of the conflict had risen to 560, while the number of injured had reached 2,900, state news agency WAFA reported.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said that nearly 74 thousand displaced persons are currently lodged at 64 UNRWA shelters, with their numbers likely to increase amid continued heavy shelling and air strikes, including in civilian areas.

“Israel has no right or justification to target the defenseless civilian population in Gaza or elsewhere in Palestine,” the statement said.

“Reprisals against civilians in armed hostilities are illegal under international humanitarian law and must stop,” it added.

Source Antara
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