Six Officers Face Dishonorable Discharge over Ferdy Sambo Saga


Jakarta, – Six middle and high-ranking officers could face dishonorable discharge if proven guilty of obstruction of justice in their handling of the cop murder case that sees Insp. Gen. Ferdy Sambo as the key suspect. 

The internal investigation by the police inspectorate runs parallel with the criminal investigation into the murder of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat, who was shot to death at Ferdy’s residence in South Jakarta on July 8.

“Investigators have conducted an in-depth inquiry and come out with six names who have strong indications of having committed to the obstruction of justice,” Comr. Gen. Agung Budi Maryoto, the head of the general inspectorate of the National Police, said on Friday.

The six include Ferdy, who is currently being detained at the Mobile Brigade headquarters in the Jakarta suburb of Depok, Agung said.

Ferdy, the former head of the profession and security division, has allegedly attempted to stage the crime scene to support his false claim that Yousa died in a shootout with a fellow policeman, according to police investigation.

After Yosua died, he allegedly used the victim’s gun to shoot randomly at the wall.

Five other officers facing disciplinary actions are his subordinates in the division, including Brig. Gen. Hendra Kurniawan, Chief Comr. Agus Nurpatria, Adjunct Chief Comr. Arif Rahman Arifin, Comr. Baiquni Wibowo, and Comr. Chuk Putranto.

They are accused of tempering with the physical evidence and of obstruction of justice.

Agung said as many as 35 officers were suspended during the initial stage of the internal investigation, but the most serious charges have been slapped on the six officers.

Two other troubled officers have been named suspects in the case, including the alleged shooter Second Patrolman Richard Eliezer and a second officer identified as Brigadier Ricky Rizal who allegedly witnessed the murder but failed to report it to authorities.

Kiat Ma’ruf, who worked as domestic assistant and chauffeur for Ferdy’s family, is accused of becoming an accessory in the crime.

Ferdy’s wife Putri Candrawathi was the latest suspect in the case after police on Friday charged her with premeditated murder after investigators examined footage retrieved from the security camera at the crime scene. She is not detained yet with police citing a bed rest order from her doctor. | Jakarta Globe

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