Ferdy Sambo Resign from Police as Murder Trial Looms


JAKARTA, INDONESIANPOST.COM – Disgraced police general Ferdy Sambo has submitted his resignation letter while awaiting trial as the suspected mastermind in the murder of a subordinate, National Police Chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo said on Wednesday.

Insp. Gen. Ferdy is accused of ordering the murder of his own assistant Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat, who according to police investigation was fatally shot by a fellow officer at Ferdy’s official residence in South Jakarta on July 8.

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The police chief said he has yet to respond to the letter because the ethics probe against Ferdy and other officers in connection to the murder case is still ongoing. 

Ferdy will very likely get a dishonorable discharge when the internal probe is concluded.

“We have the letter in our hand but the tribunal team is still examining things because there are rules to follow,” Sigit told reporters at the legislature compound in Jakarta.

The ethics hearing against Ferdy is scheduled for Thursday.

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Dedi Prasetyo said the hearing will possibly be held closed-door from 09:00 a.m., presided over by Security Intelligence Division Head Comr. Gen. Ahmad Dofiri.

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The ethics probe runs parallel to the criminal investigation, meaning that the misconduct tribunal can deliver a ruling without having to wait for the court verdict, the spokesman said.

Police said last week they had handed over documents against four suspects in the murder case to prosecutors.

The suspects include Ferdy, suspected shooter Second Patrolman Richard Elizier, Brigadier Ricky Rizal, and Ferdy’s driver Kuat Ma’ruf.

The fifth suspect in the case is Ferdy’s wife, Putri Candrawathi, who has yet to make a deposition for medical reasons.

After he was named a suspect early this month, Ferdy said publicly that the victim had harassed his wife prior to the fatal shooting.


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