Digital transformation opening avenues for boosting competitiveness


Jakarta, – Digital transformation has opened up new opportunities, especially for increasing national competitiveness, according to the Communication and Informatics Ministry.

“Digital transformation has opened up new potential, especially to increase national competitiveness. We need to improve collaboration among stakeholders, those being the government, industry, and academia,” Secretary General of the ministry Mira Tayyiba said during the signing of a memorandum of understanding with a foreign telecommunications company here on Tuesday.

The ministry considers collaboration among stakeholders as a means to build trust in encouraging the progress of digital transformation and thereby, improve national competitiveness.

Each stakeholder has their own role. The government, through the ministry, has contributed by formulating regulations to make the digital ecosystem more conducive.

The industrial sector has contributed to the progress of economic affairs, Tayyiba said. As for academics, they have promoted innovation and conducted useful research on technological advancements and where talent resides.

“To realize the grand vision, we need to work together with global technology partners to find new concepts and innovations, until (we) find advanced technology that is applicable and useful and suitable for Indonesia’s needs,” she added.

Collaboration among stakeholders is required in order for Indonesia to realize an inclusive digital transformation, she noted.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many countries, including Indonesia, to pursue digitization.

“In Indonesia, we see massive digitalization accelerating economic growth by encouraging people and business players to transform and create momentum for progress for sustainable development,” she added.

The acceleration of digital transformation is one of President Joko Widodo’s directives.

The Communication and Informatics Ministry has prepared five strategic programs for digital transformation, which range from the provision of information and communication technology infrastructure, frequency spectrum management, equipment standards, and public services, the utilization of information and communication technology, and public communication and management support.

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