Within a week, 33,476 Hajj pilgrims from 89 flight groups have arrived in the homeland


Jakarta, Indonesianpost.com – At least 33,476 Hajj pilgrims from the first wave in Indonesia have been flown back and arrived at 13 debarkation points in the homeland as of Sunday (7/9/2023) afternoon Saudi Arabian time.

Data from the Ministry of Religious Affairs confirms that the pilgrims from 89 flight groups have left the Holy Land in the past week starting from Tuesday (7/4).

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Dodo Murtado, the Coordinator of the Hajj Media Center (MCH) at PPIH Center, stated in a press release at the Hajj Dormitory in Pondok Gede, Jakarta, that as of July 8, 2023, at 24:00 Western Indonesia Time, a total of 28,895 pilgrims from the first wave have arrived in the homeland. They are divided into 75 flight groups (kloter).

The return of the first wave of pilgrims began on July 4 from King Abdul Aziz Jeddah Airport and will end on July 18 next week.

Meanwhile, the return of the second wave of pilgrims from Madinah to 14 debarkation points in the homeland will start on July 19 until August 4, 2023.

“Today, on July 9, 2023, the first wave of pilgrims departing to the homeland from King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah amounts to 7,006 pilgrims or 18 flight groups,” he said.

Dodo further stated that the planned departure of pilgrims and officials from the Holy Land to the homeland tomorrow, July 10, 2023, will amount to 7,755 people or 20 flight groups, with the following details:

  1. Batam Debarkation (BTH) 11 with 374 people
  2. Jakarta Bekasi Debarkation (JKS) 19 with 374 people
  3. Jakarta Pondok Gede Debarkation (JKG) 27 with 374 people
  4. Balikpapan Debarkation (BPN) 3 with 299 people
  5. Kertajati Debarkation (KJT) 2 with 374 people
  6. Solo Debarkation (SOC) 16 with 360 people
  7. Jakarta Bekasi Debarkation (JKS) 16 with 480 people
  8. Solo Debarkation (SOC) 17 with 360 people
  9. Jakarta Bekasi Debarkation (JKS) 17 with 400 people
  10. Jakarta Bekasi Debarkation (JKS) 18 with 480 people
  11. Solo Debarkation (SOC) 18 with 360 people
  12. Makassar Debarkation (UPG) 9 with 393 people
  13. Aceh Debarkation (BTJ) 7 with 393 people
  14. Jakarta Pondok Gede Debarkation (JKG) 18 with 393 people
  15. Medan Debarkation (KNO) 7 with 360 people
  16. Banjarmasin Debarkation (BDJ) 2 with 328 people
  17. Palembang Debarkation (PLM) 4 with 360 people
  18. Jakarta Pondok Gede Debarkation (JKG) 19 with 393 people
  19. Surabaya Debarkation (SUB) 15 with 450 people
  20. Surabaya Debarkation (SUB) 16 with 450 people

Dodo mentioned that the special hajj pilgrims who have arrived in the city of Madinah from Makkah amount to 5,637 people who are part of 48 Special Hajj Service Providers (PIHK).

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“Meanwhile, the number of pilgrims who have passed away as of July 8, 2023, at 24:00 WIB is 502 people. The temperature in Makkah today ranges from 30°C to 42°C,” he added.

In other developments, starting from July 10, 2023, the second wave of hajj pilgrims will gradually depart from Makkah to Madinah to perform the Arbain rituals.

“They will stay in Madinah for approximately eight or nine days,” he explained.

“The Local Workforce (Daker) in Madinah is continuously preparing to welcome the arrival of Hajj pilgrims to Madinah. PPIH has been coordinating intensively with catering providers and chefs regarding food services, as well as accommodation preparations,” added Dodo on Sunday (07/09/2023).

“Simultaneously, services for elderly and disabled Hajj pilgrims are also preparing various necessary provisions for the pilgrims,” he added.

Considering the journey from Makkah to Madinah takes approximately six hours, Dodo reminded the pilgrims to eat and drink before departure and to stretch every two hours during the journey.

“The stretching exercises should be performed while seated. The pilgrims are encouraged to do so in order to keep their bodies fit during the journey,” he explained.

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