Andalas Univ to register 27 weaving motifs as intellectual property


Padang, Indonesianpost.comAndalas University is planning to register 27 weaving motifs designed by craftspersons from the Minangkabau region of West Sumatra with the Law and Human Rights Ministry’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Directorate General.

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“We shall register the 27 motifs of weaving 19 craftspersons that we trained have made at the ministry for getting IPR,”  a Marketing Management Professor at Andalas University (Unand) Ratni Prima Lita informed here on Monday.

To this end, all documents required for the registration are being collected, said Lita, who is leading Unand’s program for designing and digitalization of weaving motifs from Minangkabau.

“We hope each of the craftsmen that we train will register their motifs of weaving,” she said, adding that the training program was part of the activities of Unand’s research project.

As a result, the weaving motifs that the craftspersons participating in the training program designed belong to Unand’s Research and Community Development Institute (LPPM), she said.

However, in the future, the weaving motifs created by trained craftspersons will no longer belong to Unand, but belong to them, she informed.

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Unand is also encouraging regional governments to assist trained craftspersons in obtaining IPR for their weaving motifs, she added.

ANTARA has earlier reported how West Sumatra is famous for its Songket, traditional fabrics woven by craftspersons in Pandai Sikek village.

Source Antara
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