Police seek information from PPATK on Al Zaytun money laundering case


Jakarta, Indonesianpost.com – The National Police has sought information from the Center for Financial Transaction Report and Analysis (PPATK) as part of its investigation into money laundering allegations against Al Zaytun Boarding School manager Panji Gumilang.

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Head of Public Information at the National Police’s public relations division, Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, said here on Thursday that investigators have also sought statements from other experts regarding the case.

“The National Police’s Criminal Investigation Agency, in this instance being the Directorate for Special Economic Crimes, will inquire for statements, information from experts from PPATK, experts on corporations, and other kinds of experts this week,” he informed.

The investigators will also summon other witnesses, he said.

“The Directorate for Special Economic Crimes plans to inquire for statements from other witnesses soon,” he added.

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The allegations of money laundering emerged based on the PPATK’s analysis report, which was submitted to the National Police, he noted.

In the report, the center said there were indications of money laundering, corruption, and embezzlement by Gumilang, Ramadhan added.

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD, hinted at Gumilang’s alleged money laundering activities on July 11.

It is suspected that Gumilang misused Indramayu-based Al Zaytun’s assets, he said.

The assets that were allegedly misused include the Al Zaytun boarding school’s grounds, whose ownership certificates belong to Gumilang and his family, the minister added.

According to the National Land Agency’s research, there are some 295 plots that are registered under Gumilang and his family’s name, he informed.

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Abdussalam Raden Panji Gumilang has 107 certificates for land spanning a total of 806 thousand square meters, while his wife Farida Al Widad, alias Siti Chotimah Rahayu, has 22 land certificates for 142,500 square meters of land.

Among Gumilang’s other family members, Imam Prawoto has 35 plot certificates for at least 89,700 square meters of land, Achmad Prawiro Utomo holds 9 plot certificates for a total of 159 thousand square meters of land, and Ikhwan Triatmo has 6 plot certificates for 69 thousand square meters of land, the minister said.

Then there is Anis Khairunnisa — who is believed to be either Gumilang’s wife or daughter — who has certificates for 43 plots of land totaling 442 thousand square meters in area, Hakim Prasodjo who has 30–31 plot certificates, and Sofia Al Widad, who has certificates for 42 plots of land spanning 396 thousand square meters, he added.

Source Antara
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