Banggai Woman Suspected of Orchestrating 2.4 Billion IDR Fraud


Banggai, – The Central Banggai Police Criminal Investigation Unit (Reskrim) is handling a significant alleged fraud case involving a woman identified as AA (34) from Lamo Village, Batui Sub-district, Banggai Regency. The woman is suspected of scamming a staggering amount of IDR 2.4 billion.

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The alleged fraud case was revealed during a press conference on prominent criminal cases being handled by the Banggai Regency Police. The conference, led by the Head of Operations, Commissioner Pino Ary SH, SIK, MH, took place at the Banggai Regency Police Headquarters on Wednesday (July 26, 2023).

The released cases during the press conference include a fraud case amounting to IDR 2.4 billion involving the female suspect with the initials AA (34) from Lamo Village. “Currently, the suspect is detained in Palu Regional Police detention with the same case,” said Tio Tondi.

The perpetrator is charged with Article 378 of the Criminal Code with a maximum sentence of four years in prison. “The suspect’s modus operandi was to gain profit and replace money belonging to other individuals previously deceived by the suspect,” Tio explained.

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Apart from the fraud case, the Banggai Regency Police also released an electronic theft case with a loss value of IDR 300 million involving suspects with the initials AL alias I, a minor, AD alias V, and GD alias G.

“The main perpetrators are minors, and one main perpetrator with the initials JL is still at large (DPO),” he revealed.

Additionally, the Banggai Regency Police disclosed a case of forging the National Examination Certificate (SKHUN) for education package B in 2012. “There are three suspects involved, each with the initials IL and MK from Masama and AS from Luwuk,” he elaborated.

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In this case, the perpetrators are charged with Article 69 of the Criminal Code with a maximum prison sentence of 5 years and a fine of IDR 500 million, as well as Article 263 of the Criminal Code with a maximum prison sentence of 6 years. “The suspects will not be arrested but will be summoned as suspects,” Tio stated. (top/okenesia)

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