Minister Raises Concerns Over Treatment of Miss Universe Contestants

Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Suspects Inappropriate Treatment for All Miss Universe Contestants


Jakarta, – Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA), Bintang Puspayoga, received four finalists of Miss Universe Indonesia who were alleged victims of sexual harassment, accompanied by their lawyers. Bintang expressed concern and regret over the incidents that befell the beauty pageant participants.

“I have listened to the chronology of events that happened to the victims, and it is alleged that all finalists received inappropriate treatment. This treatment undermines the dignity of women and violates human rights,” said Bintang in a statement on Thursday (10/8/2023).

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Bintang stated that the alleged victims participated in the Miss Universe Indonesia pageant for self-actualization, showcasing talents, and personality, with the hope of becoming national ambassadors. Therefore, she deeply regrets the alleged cases of sexual harassment, which the organizers referred to as the “body checking” process.

“I have communicated this matter with the Chief of the Indonesian National Police, and I conveyed that this case should be thoroughly investigated. We appreciate the response from the Jakarta Metropolitan Police who have addressed the victims’ reports, and we respect the ongoing legal process,” said Bintang.

She expressed appreciation for the courage of the victims who dared to report. The Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (KemenPPPA) is ready to monitor the ongoing legal process and ensure that the victims receive proper protection.

“I salute their courage to report. They reported not only for their own interests but also to save their friends who are still afraid to come forward,” she said.

Bintang also encouraged Miss Universe Indonesia finalists who have not yet come forward to not be afraid to report. According to her, PPPA, in accordance with its duties and functions, is prepared to provide expert criminal witnesses if necessary, and they will ensure the victims receive protection.

She explained that her office has coordinated with the relevant agency, namely the North Jakarta Women and Child Protection Agency. The agency has also coordinated with the Jakarta Metropolitan Police to monitor the progress of the case.

“If psychological support is needed, the Unit for the Implementation of Women and Child Protection (UPTD PPA) is ready to provide assistance,” Bintang clarified.

On this occasion, Bintang advised all Indonesian women who wish to participate in contests to be more meticulous in reading documents and requirements, including when signing work contracts, which should be witnessed by a lawyer.

This is to prevent legal issues or document defects so that accountability can be demanded from the organizers. She emphasized that Indonesian women who wish to participate in contests must be intelligent in carefully reading documents and requirements, including when signing contestant agreements.

“So, it’s not just about having the 3Bs, which are brain, beauty, and behavior. Indonesian women can also prevent undesirable situations, as experienced by the victims,” she explained.

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