Alleged sexual harassment at Miss Universe sets bad record: ministry


Jakarta, – Indonesia’s Law and Human Rights Ministry has said that the allegations of sexual harassment at the 2023 Miss Universe Indonesia beauty pageant if proven, would mark a grim setback to women’s efforts toward actualizing themselves.

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“If (the allegations) are proven true, we see this as a bad record because sexual harassment is clearly not in line with the purpose of holding the Miss Universe pageant,” the ministry’s director general of human rights, Dhahana Putra, said here on Saturday.

According to him, sexual harassment cannot be tolerated under any excuse in Indonesia.

Indonesia, he said, has ratified the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and Law No. 12 of 2022 or the Sexual Violence Crime Law (TPKS Law).

“This proves the government’s seriousness in providing protection and respect for human rights, especially those related to sexual violence issues,” he said.

The TPKS Law has strict sentences for perpetrators of sexual harassment, he pointed out.

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He said he expects the strict law to prevent sexual harassment.

Moreover, he informed that his side is working with the Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry and other stakeholders on the draft Governmental Regulation (RPP) on Sexual Violence Prevention, Handling, Protection, and Recovery of Victims.

The RPP is one of the seven implementing regulations of the TPKS Law.

“We need to emphasize that the sexual harassment that befell some of our sisters who were the finalists of Miss Universe Indonesia is blatantly contrary to the government’s efforts to uphold respect and protection of human rights for women,” he said.

He also lauded the police’s response to the report submitted by victims regarding the alleged sexual harassment.

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“The police’s quick response to this report shows that law enforcement officials’ understanding of the sexual harassment issue has improved,” Putra said.

Source Antara
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