Thousands Participate in Beach Cleanup in Cirebon


Cirebon, – Thousands of students and volunteers from diverse community groups enthusiastically united to address the issue of waste on Kesenden Beach in the West Java town of Cirebon on Sunday.

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The collaborative work was spearheaded by the Pandawara Group, an organization committed to orchestrating colossal campaigns aimed at cleansing polluted beaches, rivers, and seas, which they showcase on their TikTok page.

Formed by five young men whose residences in Bandung were ravaged by flooding resulting from a polluted river, the Pandawara Group has now garnered millions of followers on their TikTok platform.

Zara Keisha, a student at Al Azhar Islamic Junior High School in Cirebon, said that she drew inspiration from the Pandawara Group and eagerly responded to her school’s call to participate in the anti-pollution initiative.

“While the program was initially announced by Al Azhar Junior High School, I felt a personal obligation to contribute to the beach cleanup,” Zara said, adding that the beach in the northern region of Cirebon has long been marred by plastic waste.

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Dadan Hamdan, the headmaster of Al Azhar, said that maintaining environmental cleanliness aligns with religious duties in Islam. This activity also serves as a component of the school’s agenda to commemorate Independence Day.

“As an Islamic school, this activity presents an opportune moment to instill these values in our students, as upholding hygiene in our surroundings is a religious obligation,” he said.

Dadan added: “While participation in this initiative is not obligatory, it is heartening to witness the enthusiastic involvement of many students and their parents. Praise be to God.”

Source Jakarta Globe
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