Press Council hopes 25th PWI Congress addresses journalists’ problems


Jakarta, – Chairperson of the Press Council Ninik Rahayu expressed hope that the results of the 25th Congress of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) would offer solutions to challenges faced by journalists in the next five years.

“In this congress, PWI will hold discussions whose results can be internalized in PWI’s work system for the next five years,” she told ANTARA here on Monday.

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Rahayu pointed out that journalists currently face heavy challenges, especially in the rapid era of technological development.

Rahayu said mass media and journalists will face more challenges in the next few years due to the massive scale of technological developments.

She explained that rapid developments in technology had led to the creation of social media platforms and Artificial Intelligence (AI), thereby making the spread of information in the community at an increasingly massive scale.

Rahayu cautioned that the massive dissemination of information in the community has the potential to cause a lot of misinformation and disinformation.

She emphasized that journalists have a role in preventing false news and disinformation.

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Journalists are demanded to work faster while paying attention to the journalistic code of ethics and various stages of creating news, such as prioritizing verification of information, and not using other people’s work or plagiarism, she stressed.

She noted that the existence of Al may affect the independence of the press if it is not supported by the information verification process and the independent work of journalists.

Hence, Rahayu is upbeat that discussions at the 25th Congress of PWI would contribute positively to the independence of the press and the journalists’ work.

“PWI’s leadership here is important because PWI is the oldest journalist association. The Press Council would like to congratulate PWI on convening its 25th Congress. Hopefully, the target that has been set will go smoothly,” she remarked.

Source Antara
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