Bekasi Sneakers Expo Returns to Summarecon Mall Bekasi


Jakarta, – Summarecon Mall Bekasi recently hosted the 2023 Bekasi Sneakers Expo with many different brands to choose from.

As many as 22 tenant booths –including Wilio Indonesia, SNDRN, and Yozugoods– took part in the four-day event. Not only were there sneakers, there were apparel brands for visitors looking to refresh their wardrobe.

The event, which ran from September 28 to October 1, was also packed with entertainment. Acoustic band and DJ performances enlivened the visitors’ shopping experience. Not to mention the Beyond Freestyle Basketball as well as a music performance by senior rapper Iwa K. The 2023 Bekasi Sneakers Expo had a talk show featuring visual artist Muchlis Fachri (Muklay) and sneaker collector Dede Hamzah.

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“The huge enthusiasm from Bekasi’s sneakerheads towards the latest sneakers prompted Summarecon Mall Bekasi to host the Bekasi Sneakers Expo again. We also held exhibitions, a talk show, and all sorts of entertainment to welcome the visitors,” Ugi Cahyono, the center director for Summarecon Mall Bekasi, was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.

“As the event marks its third year, we hope that we can help spur creativity and support the ever-growing sneakers trend,” Ugi said.

Summarecon Mall Bekasi in partnership with Decathron also held the Basket 3X competition ahead of the sneakers expo. As many as 16 local basket communities competed against one another to win prizes worth up to Rp 2 million and shopping vouchers at Summarecon Mall Bekasi.

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