Netherlands urges acceleration of energy transition in Indonesia


Jakarta, – The Netherlands is encouraging solar and wind energy cooperation to accelerate the transition to renewable energy in Indonesia and address global climate change.

“These, globally, are the most cost-effective ways to have renewable energy and to combat climate change,” said climate envoy of the Netherlands, Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme, at the Renewable Energy and Climate Summit Indonesia-the Netherlands here on Monday.

One of the collaborations carried out between Indonesia and the Netherlands to encourage the energy transition and overcome climate change has been the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) regarding the energy transition at the G20 meeting in Bali, he added.

Meanwhile, at the G20 Summit in India this year, world leaders, including Indonesia and the Netherlands, also agreed on a global target to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030.

Monday’s summit between Indonesia and the Netherlands marked the start of cooperation on implementing global targets to overcome climate change and realize the transition toward renewable energy, he said.

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In addition, the summit is also aimed at specifically working on cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands in the field of energy transition in order to achieve new opportunities together.

On the occasion, a new cooperation agreement was also signed between Dutch company Hyet Solar and Pertamina on building a PV thin film solar panel factory in Indonesia with a production capacity of 300 MW per year with a capital expenditure of US$200 million.

Furthermore, Bourbon de Parme said that the summit aims to support the exchange of knowledge on the latest sustainable energy innovations and developments, building new business relationships, and fostering partnerships between Indonesian and Dutch companies.

It is also hoped that the summit will encourage investment in the sustainable energy sector in Indonesia as well as promote the green economy and sustainable trading relationship.

“Here in the room, we have people from the knowledge institutions that can help us figure out these difficult challenges. And that’s what this summit is all about,” said the envoy.

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