VP pushes Japanese company to support halal industry, HR development


Osaka, Indonesianpost.com – Vice President Ma’ruf Amin held a meeting with Ezaki Katsuhisa, chairman of Japanese food processing company Ezaki Glico Co, in Osaka, Monday, to discuss the development of the world’s halal ecosystem and improvement in human resources (HR).

“I seek an opportunity for Indonesians to work in Glico’s office in Japan through a staff dispatch scheme, such as specific skilled workers and professional recruitment to the holding company,” Amin affirmed.

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At the meeting, he encouraged active cooperation between the Japanese company and its partners in Indonesia, especially related to food safety management and product quality, to support food security efforts in Indonesia.

The VP believes it will prove to be beneficial to the people of both countries.

“I believe that the increase in this human resource capacity will benefit the people’s welfare in both countries as well as strengthen the Indonesia-Japan strategic partnership,” he affirmed.

The VP recalled that when he was a member of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and visited Japan in 2016, Japan had already given special attention regarding halal certification, while on the other hand, halal certification in Japan has been recognized by the MUI.

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While attending the funeral of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in September last year, Amin had the opportunity to speak with Japanese PM Fumio Kishida to discuss the development of the halal industry, such as in the areas of food and beverage, tourism, and fashion.

Furthermore, he expressed optimism that Glico would build a halal ecosystem network not only in Indonesia but also in other countries.

“I hope Glico would build a network of halal ecosystems not only in Indonesia but also market halal products from Indonesian factories to other countries,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Ezaki Glico Co, Ezaki Katsuhisa, lauded the government for supporting the halal certification process for Glico products.

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Katsuhisa ensured that halal certification is a top priority, given a large number of Muslims in Indonesia.

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