Last House Standing in Jakarta Outskirt Toll Road Project to be Demolished


Depok, Indonesianpost.comA house that stood in the middle of the ongoing toll road project linking the Jakarta outskirts of Depok and Bogor is set to be demolished on Tuesday after its owner reached a payment deal with the government.

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The house stood exactly in front of the would-be exit gate and on the median line of two major roads under construction.

The National Land Agency, or BPN, admitted that there had been a payment dispute between the house owner and a government team tasked with clearing the land for the project, but it was settled on Tuesday.

“Praise be to God, the payment was completed today, allowing the contractor to demolish the building as soon as today,” said Indra Gunawan, the head of BPN’s Depok office.

He said the protracted payment dispute initially involved four house owners who are related to each other, but three of them reached a settlement earlier.

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Indra didn’t disclose the amount of the payment for those houses and the identities of the owners.

The 2.5-kilometer Cijago toll road will provide access from Depok to another toll road connecting Jakarta and Ciawi. The contractors claimed that only 200 meters are left for construction.

A neighbor said the house had been left unoccupied since construction work arrived at the location around six months ago.

Source Jakarta Globe
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