Indonesian govt to enhance disease prevention efforts


Jakarta, – The Indonesian government aims to enhance disease prevention efforts through a health transformation plan to maximize the potential for the 2045 demographic bonus, Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin said on Friday.

He stressed that Indonesia would miss the opportunity to become a developed country if its people were not healthy and educated.

“In the time remaining, we must develop our health infrastructure,” he remarked after attending a meeting on priority health service improvements at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta.

During the meeting, he highlighted that the government discussed efforts to strengthen the capabilities of community health centers (puskesmas), integrated health posts (posyandu), and other health services for education and prevention.

By bolstering prevention efforts, people are encouraged to monitor their health conditions as a primary measure in preventing several chronic diseases, such as stroke, heart disease, and cancer, Sadikin noted.

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“We have to regularly check our blood pressure to prevent stroke. We must also maintain it within the range of 80-120. It is better to take a blood pressure medication rather than to suffer a stroke,” he stated.

The minister also urged the public to monitor their cholesterol levels to avoid heart disease.

“In addition to heart disease, diabetes cases are also on the rise. Unfortunately, diabetes can also lead to stroke, heart disease, and damage to other organs. Diabetes can be prevented by measuring blood sugar levels and adjusting one’s diet,” he stated.

Through strengthening disease prevention efforts, Sadikin is keen to ensure that Indonesia’s human resources remain healthy.

“We should not only focus on treating sick people. Illness is costly. We must also maintain the quality of our lives,” he emphasized.

Source Antara
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