Indonesia should advance in using digital technology for fisheries


Purwokerto, – Indonesian people, especially fishermen and fish farmers, should not lag behind other countries in terms of utilizing digital technology, Director of Digital Economy of the Communication and Informatics Ministry (Kominfo) I Nyoman Adhiarna stated.

“In many countries, for example, China, the use of digital technology has been massive in villages or in places where fishermen are,” Adhiarna remarked in Purwosari Village, Banyumas District, Central Java, on Friday.

He conveyed this statement at a gathering event after the mass harvest of cultivated fish in the village. The fish cultivation was part of the “Cultivation Farmer Go Digital” Program.

Adhiarna cited the example of Vietnam, where digital technology has been applied on a massive scale in the fisheries sector.

“That way, we must not be left behind by other countries. Other countries, which utilize digital technology, become more competitive, and we must not lose to them,” he stressed.

Adhiarna emphasized the need for Indonesians to make the most of digital technology, though he reminded them that it is merely a tool and the success of using it depends on its users.

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“So, ladies and gentlemen, the actors behind the use of this technology, who develop this technology, we need to work together to be able to adopt this digital technology optimally in fish cultivation,” he remarked.

He explained that the Cultivation Farmer Go Digital Program began in June 2023 with the introduction of digital technology and the use of microbubble and auto-feeder technology for the participants.

According to Adhiarna, fish cultivators had attempted to use digital technology in two stocking cycles that had led to a mass harvest.

He expressed hope that fish farmers would consistently adopt digital technology in the sector and also share the knowledge with others in their field.

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