PKB Counts Electability of Ida Fauziyah to Become Candidate of Jakarta Governoor


Jakarta, Indonesianpost.comThe Party for the Awakening of the Nation (PKB) has received a number of names to register as candidates for governor of DKI Jakarta. One of the names he mentioned was Golkar Party politician Ahmed Zaki Iskandar.

Nevertheless, the PKB is also trying to recruit internal cadres, namely Ida Fauziyah to advance as a candidate for governor of DKI Jakarta. His party is conducting a count against the Minister of Employment (Menaker).

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“We are in the process of electability calculations and so on,” said Muhaimin at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (2/5/2024).

The CLA looks at three aspects in fielding a person in the 2024 local elections (local elections), namely capacity, vision, and electability. The PKB also opened the opportunity to enter into a coalition with other parties in the Jakarta gubernatorial election.

Muhaimin himself was reluctant to answer the PKB’s chance to field Anies Rasyid Baswedan as the candidate for governor of DKI Jakarta. He simply replied that registration at the CLA was open until the last minute. “We are open until the end of the day. We’ll see,” Muhaimin said.

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The 2024 election was explained as a national agenda that started the round of the periodisation of regional heads. The hope is that the assembly will become a national leadership medium as an integral part of more effective development.

“We hope that our cooperation in initiating these local elections will be beneficial for the people, the nation, and the country,” Muhaimin said.

Nevertheless, he pointed out that constant competition would leave political parties with no time at all. Nor does it have a long opportunity to organize internal consolidation of ideas or plans of political struggle.

“Therefore the momentum of these local elections becomes important we manage nationally as part of our nation’s democratic agenda,” Muhaimin said.

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