PKS considers Anies-Sandi duo in 2024, Gerindra responds


Jakarta, Indonesianpost.comThe Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) has opened up the possibility of supporting Anies Baswedan in the 2024 presidential election with Gerindra party member Sandiaga Uno. Gerindra emphasized that Sandiaga Uno is currently still their member.

“Yes, the opportunity opened up by PKS is for Sandi, who is currently a Gerindra cadre and vice-chairman of the Gerindra council,” said Gerindra Secretary-General Dasco to reporters on Thursday (3/2/2023).

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Dasco said that there has been no communication between PKS and Sandiaga regarding this duo proposal. Dasco believes that Sandiaga will consult with the party and Gerindra Chairman Prabowo Subianto if communication about the duo effort has been established.

“Of course, Sandiaga Uno has not been contacted until now. And I am sure that if Pak Sandi is contacted, he will definitely consult with the party, especially with Gerindra Chairman or Gerindra Council Chairman Prabowo Subianto,” he said.

Previously, PKS politician Andy Azizi did not deny that the potential vice presidential candidate alongside Anies Baswedan has not been decided yet. He mentioned that PKS is even open to the possibility of Anies Baswedan running with Sandiaga Uno in 2024.

Andy initially spoke about Anies Baswedan’s nomination in 2024 not being difficult for the “Coalition of Change”. However, he confirmed that the issue of Anies Baswedan’s running mate is still being discussed.

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“So indeed, Mas Anies brought these three parties together, so it was not too difficult for us to reach an agreement that we will support Mas Anies Baswedan, the vice president is still being discussed, but the principle is as Mas Anies has repeatedly stated, that the three parties have agreed to entrust it to Mas Anies,” said Andy in a discussion on Detikcom on Wednesday (3/1).

Andy mentioned that the “Coalition of Change” certainly considers a figure who can bring Anies Baswedan to victory. In addition, they are also waiting for the movement of other coalitions.

“We are also observing the movements of other coalitions. If compared to other coalitions, we are even more advanced, because we have a positive presidential candidate, while the other two coalitions, although we already know the three figures with the highest electability, have not been officially declared by their respective parties. We are not too late,” he said.

Andy then responded to the Democratic Party’s insistence on nominating their Chairman Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY). Within PKS, there are suggestions to pair Anies Baswedan with Sandiaga Uno.

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“We even open up the opportunity for Sandiaga Uno, so if Pak Zul (Governor of West Nusa Tenggara and PKS cadre who agrees with AHY) agrees, we are all in the same gang, so these dynamics happen in PKS,” he said.

PKS is open to this duo proposal until the most suitable formula is found. “Yes, we are opening the door (to the Anies-Sandiaga duo), whichever is most suitable,” he added.

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