Puan Unveils List of Names as Potential Vice Presidential Candidates for Ganjar


Jakarta, Indonesianpost.com – Chairperson of the Central Executive Board of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Puan Maharani, revealed that out of 10 potential candidates for vice president for Ganjar Pranowo, six names have emerged. These six names consist of ministers, party leaders, and regional heads.

From the ministerial sector, there are the names of the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD, and the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Erick Thohir. Then there is the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs and the Chairman of the Golkar Party, Airlangga Hartarto, followed by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno.

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Furthermore, there is the Chairman of the Democratic Party, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY). Lastly, there is the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil.

“These names are included in the PDIP’s list. If I may mention those names, each of them certainly has their own strengths,” said Puan at the PDIP Party School in Jakarta on Tuesday (6/6/2023).

Six out of 10 names will be considered and discussed with Ganjar and the supporting political parties. However, Puan emphasized that the chosen vice presidential candidate for Ganjar must share the same vision, mission, and aspirations.

“So, the names will be determined later, but not today. We are still considering the existing names,” said Puan.

However, the discussion of the vice presidential candidate has not taken place during the PDIP’s Third National Working Meeting (Rakernas). The forum is currently focusing on poverty alleviation programs and consolidation for the legislative elections.

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So far, two political parties have officially supported Ganjar as a presidential candidate. They are the United Development Party (PPP) and the People’s Conscience Party (Hanura).

PDIP remains open to other political parties who wish to join the coalition supporting Ganjar. Puan stated that there will be other parties visiting the PDIP Central Office for further discussions.

“So, we are currently engaging in intensive communication with both parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties. Starting with PPP yesterday. Alhamdulillah, PAN has also paid a visit, and in the future, there will be other parties coming for a visit,” said the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The LSI Denny JA survey institution obtained survey results that gathered the names of presidential and vice presidential candidates on Monday (5/6/2023). The survey results indicate that if the ticket of Anies Baswedan fails to participate in the presidential election due to legal issues from the parties supporting him.

“If the scenario is that only two candidates run, namely Prabowo Subianto and Ganjar Pranowo, then the presidential candidate will come from the two major parties, Gerindra and PDIP, with a coalition led by both,” said LSI Denny JA researcher Ade Mulyana in his presentation in Jakarta on Monday.

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Meanwhile, according to LSI, the Golkar Party has not yet determined its direction, so the name Airlangga Hartarto, as its Chairman, is being considered as a strong potential vice presidential candidate. Ade stated that Airlangga Hartarto could potentially revive the presidential ticket of Anies Baswedan in this case.

“If Airlangga Hartarto is not chosen as the vice presidential candidate either with Prabowo Subianto or Ganjar Pranowo, Golkar, along with other parties, can revive the presidential ticket of Anies Baswedan,” said Ade.

However, Airlangga is not the only strong vice presidential candidate name that has emerged. Names such as Erick Thohir, Sandiaga Uno, and Said Aqil Siradi are also mentioned as potential candidates, although Airlangga’s name is still leading in terms of fulfilling the five determining criteria for choosing a vice presidential candidate.

LSI Denny JA created a vice presidential index based on five variables or criteria to determine the choice of a vice presidential candidate. These five variables include electability, party chairman, prominent organization figure, government experience, and network of funding sources.

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“No single vice presidential candidate fulfills all of these variables or criteria. At least there is one name, namely Airlangga Hartarto, who fulfills three of the variables,” said Ade.

He explained that Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) only fulfills one variable, which is being the party chairman. Meanwhile, Erick Thohir, who frequently appears as a candidate, fulfills two variables, which are government experience and a network of funding sources.

“Erick Thohir is quite similar to Sandiaga Uno, who is also in the running for vice president and fulfills two variables, government experience as a minister and having a network of funding sources,” explained Ade.

Other names such as Khofifah Indar Parawansa, Mahfud MD, and Muhaimin Iskandar only fulfill two of these variables. Khofifah only fulfills two variables, being a prominent figure in a major organization and having government experience.

“Meanwhile, Mahfud MD also only has two variables determining the choice of a vice presidential candidate, which are the same as Khofifah, being a prominent figure in a major organization and having government experience,” he said.

Muhaimin Iskandar’s name fulfills two variables, being the party chairman and having government experience. Meanwhile, Said Aqil Siradj fulfills one variable, being a prominent figure in a major organization.

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