Proposal from PPP for Sandiaga to Become a Reality


Jakarta, – The proposal from the PPP (United Development Party) for Sandiaga Uno is soon to become a reality. In the coming week, Sandiaga Uno will officially join PPP as a member.

This news was directly announced by the Acting Chairman of PPP, Muhammad Mardiono. He stated that on Wednesday (date), Sandiaga will sign a commitment to fight alongside PPP.

“On Wednesday, God willing, on that day, we will officially sign the commitment with Mr. Sandi to fight together with PPP. That will happen, God willing,” said Mardiono to reporters at the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) in Central Jakarta on Sunday (date).

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“Yes, God willing, on Wednesday, the 14th of June 2023. The exact details will be communicated by the organizing committee to the media,” he added.

Sandiaga’s Role to be Determined at the PPP National Leadership Meeting

Mardiono mentioned that they have not yet decided on Sandiaga Uno’s role in the 2024 elections. This includes whether Sandiaga Uno will be proposed as the vice-presidential candidate alongside Ganjar Pranowo.

“We have not determined his role within the party yet. Mr. Sandi will be given tasks and assignments for the upcoming elections. It will be decided during the national leadership meeting,” said Mardiono.

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However, Mardiono has not specified when the PPP national leadership meeting will take place. He only mentioned that the meeting is planned to be held this month.

“The national leadership meeting may take place after Wednesday, when Sandi officially joins PPP. It might not take more than a week for us to hold the national leadership meeting. Hopefully, it will be this month,” he said.

During the national leadership meeting, the discussion will also cover the tasks assigned to Sandiaga after joining the party. Mardiono stated that Sandiaga is not merely joining PPP as a regular member.

“It is part of the party’s constitutional mechanism. It will determine what tasks will be given to Mr. Sandi. And of course, Sandiaga will not just be an ordinary member of PPP without any assigned responsibilities,” he explained.

Sandiaga Uno Seeks Prayers

Sandiaga Uno has also spoken out regarding the news of his imminent official membership in PPP. He humbly requested prayers from the public.

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“I humbly ask for prayers, and I will coordinate with Mr. Mardiono. The hope is to achieve a smooth process, and what we aim to build is the acceleration of development, especially in the economic sector,” said Sandiaga after attending the ‘Dialogues on the Creative Economy Potential in Pesantren’ at Pondok Pesantren Annur in Kedungbanteng, Banyumas Regency, Central Java, as reported by Antara.

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