Iranian delegates visit Bekasi social rehabilitation center


Jakarta, – A senior official and delegates from the Islamic Republic of Iran visited Pangudi Luhur Integrated Center (STPL), a social rehabilitation center established by the Social Affairs Ministry in Bekasi, West Java, to study the handling of disabled persons.

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Acting Director of Social Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities at the Social Affairs Ministry, Nursyamsu, informed that STPL has implemented an integrated service model where persons living with disabilities (PM) are not only rehabilitated but also empowered to become independent.

“In line with the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, we are focusing on the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, as well as suppressing acts of physical and immoral violence against persons with disabilities and other unnecessary violence,” he said in a statement received here on Thursday.

According to Nursyamsu, every disabled person in the facility goes through several assessments, both initial and comprehensive. The results of the assessments become the main reference during the intervention process.

He said that each of them has different intervention needs, therefore accurate assessment is necessary. Interventions are generally provided in the form of technical and non-technical skills, character development, and accessibility.

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“They are given soft skills and hard skills, access to education, required to have workers social security program (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan), and are directed to develop entrepreneurial skills,” he disclosed.

Meanwhile, during his visit, Deputy Director General of Human Rights and Women’s Affairs in the Iranian government, Seyed Mohsen Emadi, said that the protection of persons with disabilities is an important part of the policies in his country and has become an international consensus, as outlined in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; thus, their rights must be fulfilled.

“We talked about disability because disability rights are so important and I am very happy to be here,” Emadi added.

He said that his visit to STPL with several delegates was part of the agenda of a dialogue on human rights (HAM), which was organized under bilateral cooperation between the Indonesian and the Iranian governments on the exchange of information on handling persons with disabilities.

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According to him, his government has made serious efforts to fulfill the rights of persons with disabilities, which have included protections for persons with disabilities in the health system. The purpose of his visit to STPL was to gain more perspectives on disability handling.

Besides taking part in the dialogue, the Iranian delegates studied the rehabilitation process and infrastructure facilities at STPL to get a comprehensive picture of disability handling.

They also inspected plastic waste processing, sewing rooms, automotive rooms, flats, massage training rooms, digital reading corners (pocadi), and the center link at the facility.

Source Antara
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