Al Zaytun Leader Panji Gumilang Takes Legal Action Against Ridwan Kamil for IDR 9 Trillion


Jakarta, Indonesianpost.comPanji Gumilang, the leader of Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School, officially filed a lawsuit of IDR 9,000,000,000,009 against West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil at Bandung District Court. The lawsuit, registered under case number 325/Pdt.G/2023/PN Bdg on Monday, July 24.

As seen on the case tracking information system (SIPP) page, the lawsuit pertains to alleged wrongful acts. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil is accused of committing wrongful acts.

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“Regarding the lawsuit filed at Bandung District Court, directed towards Ridwan Kamil, it has been uploaded, and the case number has been issued. Bandung District Court received it through the system today,” said Hendra Efendi, the legal representative of Panji Gumilang when contacted on Monday (July 24, 2023).

He stated that the statements made by Ridwan Kamil were not based on verification processes. Consequently, these statements have caused harm to the Islamic boarding school. “His statements are reckless, arbitrary, and unsubstantiated. We suspect that his reckless statements are not carefully considered,” he said.

He hopes that Ridwan Kamil will conduct verification by visiting Al-Zaytun Islamic Boarding School. However, during his tenure as the West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil has never visited Al-Zaytun.

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Hendra mentioned that Ridwan Kamil only sent representatives to handle the matter and avoided taking responsibility by delegating the issue to the central government. “As a result, the pesantren’s bank account was blocked, which affected the students’ meals and other expenses, teacher certifications, and BOS (Operational Assistance Fund) were stopped,” he added.

He stated that the lawsuit filed at Bandung District Court involves alleged wrongful acts by the concerned party. “The material claim is IDR 900 rupiahs, and the immaterial claim is IDR 9,000,000,000,009,” he revealed.

He pointed out that the issue began with some MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council) members who deemed the activities at Al-Zaytun misleading and peculiar. However, both the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indramayu and the West Java Province found no issues in the boarding school.

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