G20 environment ministers’ meetingyields several agreements


BALI, INDONESIANPOST.COM – The Joint Environment and Climate Ministers’ Meeting (JECMM) of the G20 resulted in several agreements on overcoming environmental problems and controlling the impacts of climate change, which were summarized in the chair summary document.

“Several agreements on environmental issues discussed today (August 31, 2022) are reducing the impact of land degradation and drought, increasing protection, conservation, and restoration of land and forest ecosystems in a sustainable manner to reduce the impact of climate change and loss of biodiversity and land damage,” Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya Bakar, informed at a press conference following the JECMM in Nusa Dua, Badung district, Bali, on Wednesday.

The meeting also yielded agreements on increasing multiparty cooperation, capacity building, exchanging experiences and lessons, as well as developing multilateral agreements based on nature.

The meeting also discussed efforts to reduce pollution and environmental damage, waste management, sustainable water resource management, marine debris, marine conservation, and circular economy.

“There is a session on finance specifically. How sustainable financing can overcome various climate crises. However, various things are needed, such as reform of the structure for international funding,” Bakar explained.

From the aspect of climate change, several understandings were reached regarding strengthening climate action, the role of budgeting for COVID-19 recovery to improve climate mitigation and adaptation, commitments to prevent losses and damage due to climate change, and continuing the Glasgow Dialogue.

Other understandings included increasing research, strengthening understanding of the relationship between climate and oceans, local and regional initiatives, involving groups vulnerable to climate change impacts, and strengthening engagement in marine dialogue.

Meanwhile, the director general of climate change control (PPI) at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), Laksmi Dwanthi, said that the chair summary document of JECMM reflected the dynamics of various issues, including geopolitics, and included matters that were generally agreed upon.

The chair summary contained all 50 issues that the G20 member countries reached an agreement on.

“Many issues that have been discussed since the first meeting in Yogyakarta, the second in Jakarta, and the third in Bali. The meetings resulted in 50 paragraphs for elements of the environment and elements of climate sustainability,” Dwanthi informed.


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