Anies-backed coalition releases memorandum of understanding, here’s a sneak peek


Jakarta, – Democratic Party Chairman Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) and NasDem Chairman Surya Paloh have reportedly signed the Coalition for Change agreement. The agreement is a follow-up to the declaration of each political party that supports Anies Baswedan as a presidential candidate.

“Based on the information that has been circulating in the public from Bang Andi Mallarangeng as the Secretary of the Party’s High Council, the agreement has been signed by Mas Ketum AHY and Ketum NasDem Pak Surya Paloh,” said Deputy Bappilu DPP Democratic Party, Kamhar Lakumani, on Monday (6/3/2023).

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Kamhar said PKS has not yet signed the agreement. There are several points included in the agreement, one of which is to leave the decision for a vice presidential candidate to Anies Baswedan.

“It is also stated that some points in the agreement, among others, first, agree to nominate Anies Baswedan as the presidential candidate,” said Kamhar.

“Second, Mas Anies and the supporting parties agree to promote the change platform. Third, the coalition parties agree to leave the vice presidential candidate to Mas Anies as the presidential candidate,” he added.

According to Kamhar, there are 5 criteria for the vice presidential candidate as stated by Anies. The first criterion is that the ‘Coalition for Change‘ vice presidential candidate must have a significant contribution to winning the election.

Secondly, the vice presidential candidate must strengthen the coalition for change. Thirdly, they must be able to help run the government effectively.

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“Fourth, they must have the same struggle platform as a pair that offers change and improvement. Fifth, they must have good chemistry so that they can become a perfect pair,” said Kamhar.

Kamhar’s statement is in line with the statement from NasDem Deputy Chairman Ahmad Ali earlier. Ali, when contacted on Friday (3/3), revealed the declaration of Anies as a presidential candidate by the Democratic Party yesterday, followed by the signing of the coalition declaration document. Ali said his party has also signed the document.

“I remember yesterday’s event was followed by the signing of the coalition declaration document. So, NasDem has already signed, and so has the Democratic Party. It means that this coalition has formed,” said Ali.

Meanwhile, it is known that PKS has not yet signed the coalition declaration document. Ali emphasized that this is only a technical issue because PKS has also agreed to declare Anies as a presidential candidate.

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“PKS has not signed yet because after NasDem, it was followed by the Democratic Party, and then PKS. They have not signed yet. But PKS has no problems because they have completed their national meeting yesterday,” said Ali.

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