Ex-Kemendag Employee Among Twin Scammers in Rp 35 Billion iPhone Scam


Jakarta, Indonesianpost.com – The identities of the “Twin” individuals with the initials R and R, who were involved in a fraud case involving the sale and purchase of iPhones with a loss of up to IDR 35 billion, have been revealed. One of them is a former employee of the Ministry of Trade.

“Rihani is a former honorary employee of the Ministry of Trade in the Legal Bureau,” said the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Trade, Suhanto, when contacted by detikcom on Wednesday (7/6/2023).

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Suhanto stated that R had resigned on July 1, 2022. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Trade is unaware of the twin sibling with the same initial, R, who is also involved in the case.

The Ministry of Trade is also unaware of the details of the fraud case related to the sale and purchase of iPhones that has ensnared the former employee. They became aware of the issue from social media reports.

“The Ministry of Trade is not aware of the individual’s activities outside the office because buying and selling is a private matter. We only became aware of the issue through recent news in the media,” he said.

Evading Investigation The police stated that the fraud case involving the “Twin” individuals in the sale and purchase of iPhones has entered the investigation stage. The police have found elements of a criminal offense in the case.

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“It is under investigation. It has entered the investigation stage,” said Deputy Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of South Jakarta Police, Kompol Henrikus Yossi, when asked for confirmation on Monday (5/6).

Henrikus did not specify the exact date when the case entered the investigation stage. He mentioned that the police had previously summoned the “Twin” individuals for clarification regarding the case. However, both of them evaded the police summons.

“Yes, it is already in the investigation stage. The suspects have been summoned twice, but they did not comply with the summons,” he said.

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Currently, both individuals are being pursued by the police. Once their whereabouts are identified, Henrikus added, the police will forcibly bring them in for questioning.

“A warrant will be issued to bring them in. Once their whereabouts are known, they will be brought to the police station for questioning,” he added.

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