Job Tomori in Banggai Regency Ignores Responsibility

Sinorang, Oil Village with 1,000 Holes


Banggai, – Residents of Sinorang village, located in Batui Selatan sub-district, Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi show no signs of slowing down their advocacy efforts despite the promise of impending road infrastructure development. In fact, their actions have intensified.

Over the past week, the united efforts of Sinorang residents, under the banner of Sinorang Sintuvu, have persisted. Led by Field General Supriyanto, the residents have peacefully expressed their concerns and demands by displaying banners highlighting various issues.

The ongoing campaign has seen the deployment of 1,000 banners and the collection of 1,000 signatures from beyond Sinorang village, according to Parto Hamis, Deputy Field General, in a phone conversation with on Wednesday (August 9, 2023).

Parto explained that this movement, involving the entirety of Sinorang’s community, focuses on urging the Banggai Regency Government and JOB Tomori (Pertamina-Medco E&P Tomori Sulawesi), the state-owned contractor responsible, to address the road conditions in Sinorang and ensure proper asphalting.

Particularly concerning is the road situation. Despite 25 years of operation in Sinorang, JOB Tomori, a state-owned enterprise, has never initiated road repairs. Notably, the company intentionally damaged a previously asphalted road segment measuring approximately 8 meters in length and 3 meters in width, which was utilized by the company for its activities involving Senoro 2 and Senoro 4.

A banner demanding accountability from JOB Tomori management regarding road damage. PHOTO: PERSONAL DOCUMENT (okenesia)

While Job Tomori’s activities have contributed to the road’s deterioration, the company has yet to fulfill its responsibility for repairs. Parto stated, “The road remains severely damaged. This is evidence of the company’s failure to uphold its responsibility. The constant traffic of company vehicles and heavy equipment has worsened the road’s condition, not to mention other external vehicles like sand-carrying trucks.”

Parto affirmed that the residents’ efforts continue. Presently, they are not engaging in road blockades. “We’ve mediated with the Regional Government and met with the regent. The regent has allocated a budget of around 1.5 billion IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). However, considering Sinorang’s road spans approximately 5 kilometers, a budget of 1.5 billion IDR might only cover 1 kilometer, or perhaps even less,” Parto commented.

Though the promise has been made, the community remains dissatisfied. Furthermore, the allocated budget for new road construction is merely a promise for this year. “As we are not satisfied, we are attempting to emphasize our concerns to JOB Tomori,” Parto explained.

This emphasis takes the form of displaying a thousand banners throughout various locations. These banners are placed at entrances and particularly damaged road sections, serving as a visual representation of their concerns.

To bolster their cause, the residents have reached out for support beyond Sinorang, aiming to gather 1,000 signatures. The response has been encouraging, with residents from Batui, Gori-Gori, and Bonebalantak villages participating and signing their support.

Parto recounted that, before meeting with the Regent of Banggai, the residents were accompanied by the Village Head of Sinorang and local officials to engage in dialogue with JOB Tomori’s management. Unfortunately, Parto expressed his disappointment as the management of JOB Tomori declined to attend.

“At that time, the village head facilitated our meeting. We also invited the police and district officials. Only the public relations representative from JOB attended. However, they did not provide any clear commitment to the company’s actions,” Parto stated.

Their continued campaign has spanned from morning to evening. During Wednesday’s rally, Parto revealed that JOB Tomori made an attempt to alter the content of the banners. The company requested that the demands be directed not only at JOB Tomori but also at the Banggai Regency Government.

“Perhaps JOB felt pressured by this movement. Our campaign has been ongoing for a week now,” he added.

Residents from outside Sinorang Village are signing in support of the Sinorang Village movement. PHOTO: PERSONAL DOCUMENT (okenesia)


Their goal is to receive definitive answers from both JOB Tomori’s management and the Banggai Regency Government until their aspirations are realized – a fully paved road throughout Sinorang village.

“Our hope is for a meeting between the company and the Regency Government to discuss and implement the residents’ demands. Our wish is for the entire 5-kilometer road in Sinorang to be paved,” Parto expressed.

Parto, who served as the former Chairman of the Sinorang Youth Organization for the 2018-2021 term, confirmed that their movement has received full support from the community. Religious figures, educators, fishermen, parents, and even the Chairman of the Sinorang Youth Organization are actively involved.

Within the Sinorang Sintuvu movement, there are five field coordinators, each leading one of Sinorang’s five regions.

The banners display various messages, such as ‘JOB Tomori Neglects Social Responsibility for Repairing the Main Access Road Used by the Company.’ Another banner reads ‘Welcome to the Village of 1,000 Oil Wells,’ placed right at the entrance of Sinorang village.

The activities of vehicles belonging to one of the Contractor Cooperation Contract (KKSS) companies, JOB Pertamina-Medco E&P Tomori Sulawesi (JOB Tomori), a state-owned enterprise in Sinorang village, Batui Selatan sub-district, Banggai Regency, are believed to be the root cause of severe infrastructure damage to the village’s roads. Practically speaking, only JOB Tomori’s vehicles traverse Sinorang village.

The condition of the roads in Sinorang is dire. During the rainy season, the roads resemble waterlogged pits, while in the summer, they turn into dusty pathways.

The residents of Sinorang village have responded to this road condition. Frustration has grown due to the lack of infrastructure repairs over the years.

The actions of a number of young individuals and other residents did not escalate to road blockades. Instead, they displayed banners along the roadside, not on the road shoulder, as they still consider the road a shared public asset.

Head of Sinorang Village, Mursalim, also acknowledges that the activities of JOB Tomori contribute to the road damage. Mursalim admitted that the road damage occurred after the company’s activities. “If it’s the community using two or four-wheeled vehicles, how could there be potholes there?” said Village Head Mursalim to via WhatsApp call on Thursday (3/8/2023).

In practice, only JOB has wells in Sinorang. “Sinorang is vital here, and the road hasn’t been repaired. We’re not demanding everything from the company, no. But at the very least, the company should be concerned about the road’s condition, even without community actions.”

In reality, the company should update its view of the situation. “How could it not deteriorate, with 30-ton vehicles entering there? Vehicles carrying 10 pipes, how many are inside? Not to mention the trucks,” he added.

The management of JOB Tomori apparently denies being attributed to road damage in Sinorang Village. According to them, only small shuttle vehicles for operators traverse Sinorang Village.

Visnu C. Bhawono, Relation, Security ComDev Manager of JOB Tomori, explained via WhatsApp message on Friday (4/8/2023) that JOB Pertamina-Medco E&P Tomori Sulawesi (JOB Tomori) is a Contract Cooperation Contractor (KKKS) company of SKK Migas in the field of exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas from the Senoro-Toili Block. They stated that their operational activities always adhere to applicable regulations and laws.

“This includes JOB Tomori’s activities in the Senoro Gas Production Well #2 area located in Sinorang Village, Batui Selatan sub-district, Banggai Regency. Activities in this area are carried out by several operators to operate the production center at CPP Senoro in Paisubololi Village, Batui Selatan sub-district. Therefore, small shuttle vehicles are used for operator transportation,” wrote Visnu.

“We always support local development through various community development programs in cooperation with local authorities. We will continue to coordinate and collaborate with the Banggai Regency Government for the benefit of the community,” he further wrote. (top)

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