Law Ministry to present awards to 21 content creators


Jakarta, – The Ministry of Law and Human Rights will present awards to 21 content creators as winners of the 2023 Legal Development Content Creator (LDCC) Awards.

In a statement on Monday, the Head of the ministry’s National Law Development Agency (BPHN), Widodo Ekatjahjana, said that the LDCC Awards is an innovation in the creative industry that aims to support the government in communicating information and building Indonesia’s legal culture.

He informed me that at least 427 pieces of content were submitted and assessed by an internal assessment team for three weeks. Hundreds of pieces of selected content were then reviewed by a board of judges.

This year’s LDCC Awards upheld four themes: educating society about conducting high-quality elections and presidential elections in 2024, developing an online business based on legal compliance and awareness, developing an information and technology business based on societal legal compliance, and increasing societal aspirations regarding the development of the new capital city Nusantara (IKN).

The awards were given out to students, university students, creative industry workers, professionals, legal analysts, consular officers, National Legal Information and Documentation Network (JDIHN) members, and leaders of the JDIHN members.

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Ekatjahjana said that spreading legal information is an integral part of the government’s efforts to provide legal literacy to its citizens.

He also highlighted the crucial role of social media, in this case, the popular platform TikTok, in supporting this mission.

“By utilizing TikTok, content creators can channel their creative ideas to communicate the government’s legally charged messages and build legal awareness in society,” he explained.

He said that content creation has emerged as a new profession that has spread to cover several sectors, including business, government, and politics.

One of the judges, TV news anchor Jason Sambouw, said that currently, the easiest communication strategy is using social media.

However, he said, offline communication strategies are still equally important and need to be implemented side by side with online communication.

According to Sambouw, an online communication strategy requires a slightly different approach.

“The produced contents need to be simpler and adjusted to our audience segmentation,” he explained.

The award presentation to the winners of the LDCC Awards will be held on October 12.

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