Anis Matta: Presidential Election 2024 Will Experience Many Unpredicted Anomalies


Jakarta, – Anis Matta, the Chairman of the Gelora Indonesia People’s Wave Party, stated that there will be five surprises in the 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres) that were not predicted previously.

This is due to the clash of political events and interests, which will result in many anomalies or exceptions occurring.

“This is actually a collision of political events and conflicting interests that create sources of surprises. I say that there will be five surprises in the 2024 Presidential Election,” said Anis Matta in a statement on Monday (07/10/2023).

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Anis Matta made the statement during the program ‘Anis Matta Answers’ Episode #4, which aired on the Gelora TV YouTube channel on Monday (07/10/2023), hosted by Deputy Secretary General for Communication of the Gelora Party’s National Leadership Council, Dedi Miing Gumelar.

‘Anis Matta Answers’ is a program specifically designed to answer questions from netizens about the Gelora Party and the current political situation.

According to Anis Matta, the five surprises are President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) endorsement, unclear coalition format, endorsement from non-political actors, dirty job, and destiny.

The Chairman of the Gelora Party emphasized that the current presidential candidates are competing for President Jokowi’s endorsement. This is because Jokowi will still be the President of the Republic of Indonesia when the 2024 General Elections take place on February 14, 2024.

“Mr. Jokowi will still be the President on February 14, 2024. Therefore, his power is still significant and influential for anyone. We see that these presidential candidates are all competing for President Jokowi’s endorsement,” he said.

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Regarding the coalition format, Anis Matta said that the current lack of clarity in the coalition will make every political party engage in a free fight, as there is no dominant player, leading to the elite’s decision to ‘agree to disagree’.

“The slow movement of this coalition causes political events to flow slowly, but when they flow rapidly, they will create uncontrollable events in one round,” he said.

As for the endorsement from non-political actors, Anis Matta continued, it is also sought after by presidential candidates besides endorsement from President Jokowi, as their support is crucial.

“The understanding of non-political actors is that they are not directly involved as political players, but they have influence. It is still not clear because the coalition is not yet final. Here, there are figures from the military/police, intelligence apparatus, or support from other countries, and so on,” he said.

According to Anis Matta, these three factors will create many anomalies with unpredictable outcomes, and they could even lead to a crisis explosion if the interests of those endorsing them are not fulfilled.

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“Now, political and non-political actors will provide recommendations. But actually, the question is which one has a greater influence, whether it’s political or non-political actors. But regardless of that, we must be prepared to face these surprises,” he said.

Examples of the anomalies that may occur include having four presidential candidates instead of three or two in the 2024 Presidential Election. Another example of an anomaly that could occur in the 2024 Presidential Election is the selection of someone like Gus Dur (Abdurrahman Wahid) as President in 1999, KH Ma’ruf Amin as Vice President in 2019, or Taufik Keimas as Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) from 2009 to 2014.

Furthermore, regarding the fourth surprise resulting from the elite’s decision to agree to disagree, Anis Matta predicted that the competition in the 2024 Presidential Election will be brutal, similar to the 2014 Presidential Election.

“Because of this free fight, one of the crucial factors for victory will be the use of dirty jobs. There will be the utilization of cases related to morality, such as corruption cases and others. This is not about targeting specific presidential candidates, but purely enforcing the law involving the individuals concerned. This is a common practice and is also used in the US presidential election,” he said.

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Anis Matta emphasized that the use of dirty jobs is not related to an attempt to block certain presidential candidates but rather the pure enforcement of the law, capitalizing on existing sins. The individual may have committed sins, but they are stored and will be used at a certain time. This will also be a surprise in the 2024 Presidential Election,” he said.

Lastly, the fifth surprise, according to Anis Matta, is the destiny of Allah SWT. As a person of faith, he believes that the President of the Republic of Indonesia for 2024 already exists and has been recorded in Lauhul Mahfudz (the Preserved Tablet).

Therefore, although two presidential candidates pray in Baitullah, the Kaaba during the 1444 H/2023 Hajj season, while another presidential candidate does not perform Hajj, the name of the President of the Republic of Indonesia for 2024 already exists.

“All the presidential candidates are currently awaiting destiny. Yesterday, you saw that two presidential candidates performed Hajj, both of them prayed, while the praying candidate did not perform Hajj. We don’t know which candidate’s prayer is answered because we don’t have any leaks about destiny. But what’s certain is that the name of the President already exists in Lauhul Mahfudz. In Islam, prayer has the power to change destiny, but we don’t know which prayer will be granted because everyone is praying,” he concluded.

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