Jokowi’s Son, Kaesang Pangarep, Takes Charge as PSI Chairman


Jakarta, – Kaesang Pangarep openly acknowledged that his position as President Joko Widodo’s son, commonly known as Jokowi, played a significant role in his appointment as the chairman of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI).

He made this statement during the PSI’s political declaration event at Djakarta Theater in Jakarta on September 25, 2023. Kaesang had just joined the millennial-focused party on September 23, 2023.

PSI’s deputy chair of the board of trustees, Grace Natalie, formally introduced Kaesang as the general chairman of the party. She mentioned that the PSI chose Kaesang as its chairman because of his success as a young individual and his approachable communication style. The party hopes that Kaesang will lead them to gain seats in the Senayan parliament in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Raja Juli Antoni, the secretary-general of PSI, shared the reasons behind Kaesang’s selection as PSI chairman. He praised Kaesang’s accomplishments and humble communication skills, expressing the party’s desire for Kaesang to lead their legislative campaign in 2024.

Grace Natalie highlighted PSI’s tradition of appointing newcomers in politics as their general chairman. She recalled her own tenure as the first chairperson and her subsequent replacement by Giring Ganesha, a musician and former Nidji vocalist. Grace emphasized that PSI’s strength lies in its collaborative approach, where inexperienced individuals work together as a unified team. She expressed optimism that Kaesang Pangarep would receive full support from the party as they aim for success in the 2024 elections.

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