KPK Warns Against Money Politics Before Elections


Jakarta, – Johanis Tanak, Deputy Chief of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), issued a caution about money politics, also known as ‘dawn attacks,’ before the 2024 elections. He explained that money politics aims to influence how voters choose their candidates.

Tanak stressed the importance of raising public awareness about money politics during the upcoming political year. He mentioned that various methods of distributing funds are observed during public elections, local leader elections, and legislative elections.

Money politics can involve social activities aimed at winning favor through financial or material offerings.

To combat money politics, people need to enhance their understanding of politics. Choosing leaders solely based on their financial contributions may hinder the emergence of qualified leaders in Indonesia’s future.

Tanak warned that politicians engaging in dawn attacks will face close scrutiny from law enforcement agencies.

He used this warning as a reminder to government employees and officials to avoid corrupt practices.

Tanak pointed out that the KPK is active in many communities, and community members are part of the commission.

People who witness corruption or have suspicions can report their concerns using the whistleblower system. They can submit reports to the KPK through a dedicated application for further investigation.

The whistleblower system was officially established in Riau Province by Tanak and Governor Syamsuar.

Source Antara
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